Progress Report

Saturdays I review what I’ve accomplished or not accomplished through out the week. Did I meet the goals I set in my Focus post on Monday? Did I regress? Let’s see what grade I got this week.

Ok, so I didn’t write up a Focus post this week (didn’t have internet till Monday evening); yet even without one, I think most of you could guess that my goal was to unpack as much as possible.

The boxes...are plottin'.

My new place started out the week looking like this (above). I had most of my clothes unpacked by Monday. Same for the kitchen. I had to figure out where to put stuff in the bathroom (still working on that one) but it’s coming along.

The rest of this stuff though, I just need the furniture to put it away in! I need shelves. Lots and lots of shelves.

My unpacking was put on pause a bit this week though. Wednesday night, Tom decided he’d see what was behind the stacked washer & dryer. And got stuck. I got Kenny and Tricia down here to see if we could move the machines, but Kenny said to just throw some sheets over the machines and then anchor them in the dryer so Tom could just climb out on his own. Tom was never able to climb out. So, Thursday, Kenny and a friend of his moved the toilet, then moved the machines out. Tom came out and tried to get behind the oven. I think the move has him a bit freaked out. But my bathroom is back in order, Tom is safe and happy, and the washer and dryer (as well as the oven) have been barricaded. I can talk about it calmly now, but at the time I was in tears and very upset.

Still, here’s how the place looks now…er, or here’s where a photo would go if my camera’s batteries weren’t dead…and my recharger wasn’t in a box somewhere.

Today, I didn’t do much. I went to get artwork framed for my brother (it was one of my gifts to him for Xmas). Then I made a pie for Tricia and Kenny as a thank you for saving Tom. Went to Lowe’s to get a garbage can and some other things. Then came home, did some freelance work, made dinner and finished watching Girls Will Be Girls (I love that movie…”AS-TRO-PHYS-I-CIST”). I may work on some unpacking tonight. Probably not though.

Tomorrow is for hanging artwork! Maybe!


GRADE: D – it looks somewhat better than it did, but really I did almost nothing this week.


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