Food Waste Friday

Every Friday, I post food items I’ve lazily let expire and therefore need to throw out. This is an effort to shame myself into stop wasting food and money.

That’s right folks! Food Waste Friday is back! However, sadly I have no pictures of the “waste” this week, as I threw stuff out in the process of unpacking.

Man, I had intended to take pix of the all the food I was throwing away for the move. Most of it had gone bad; some of it I had to toss because the new place wouldn’t have a working fridge for a few days after I moved into it. However, time and stress got the better of me.

After the move, I didn’t have much food at all. Some canned goods and one pack of ramen which I didn’t find until Monday night.

So what could I possible have thrown out this week?


Yup. Spices. When I was unpacking all my spices, I thought I should check the expirations date on the spices I have and rarely use (because…well I don’t cook a lot…yet). The oldest spice I threw out, expired in 2006. Most died in 2009. I threw out about 10 spices. Sigh. Oh well. I hope to start an herb garden this year, so maybe I won’t end up wasting so much money on spices.


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