Home, Sweet NEW Home


Sunday after Christmas, my brother, mom and her girlfriend helped me move in some stuff.


Friday was crazy. I woke up early and got started though. I loaded up my car and then just as I was taking the last of the things for that trip out to the car, it started pouring down rain. I just made a dash for the car, got soaked and drove on. By the time I got to the new place, which wasn’t that long, it had stopped rainy, (and it didn’t rain for the rest of the day) thankfully. I then unloaded and went back to my place. My brain was on anxiety shut down though, so I wrote my New Year post until it was time to go get my brother.


It started of simple enough on that first Sunday. Just a few boxes here...

...and a few boxes there.


I picked up Sammy and we went and got a cargo van from U-Haul. That was interesting. The woman we were working with apparently had a toothache, so she was trying to talk to us with her mouth closed tight, making “hmm hmm” sounds, and her hands. That is until her medicine kicked in. Then she was very talkative. So talkative that she failed to notice that she was charging my brother for the van twice. After all that was taken care of, we were off to my place.


Next thing I knew, my mess had moved to a new home!


Of course there was no parking by my building. But we made do. Sammy was only able to get one friend, Nicole, to come help us. I seriously need more guy friends in New Orleans (not that Nicole is a guy. She isn’t. Sammy doesn’t have a lot of guy friends either). Anyway, we got all my furniture and then some more boxes and stuff in the van. Sammy and Nicole took that over to the new place while I took out the bags and bags and bags of garbage. Then I was able to load up what was left in my car, Tom and myself included and I drove to my new home and haven’t looked back since!


My mess is searching for just the right place to stay and gather dust in this new apartment.


That night, I just went upstairs to Tricia and Kenny’s place and our friend Lindsay came by too. We watched fireworks from the porch and had St. Germaine cocktails (some had Old Fashions). Then I just walked back downstairs to my place and passed out.

Saturday it was hard to get up. I was terribly sore. But the new fridge for my place was delivered and I unpacked and rearranged furniture.

Sunday, I had lunch with Crystal and we caught up. Then I made a trip to Wally World with the brother to pick up some things I needed. Finally back for more unpacking and cleaning. Also discovered that I had no hot water Sunday morning. Kenny lit the pilot light for the hot water heater though and it’s all good.

Monday, I took the day off from work so I could kinda unwind from the weekend and also continue the unpacking. Plus, the cable guy was coming to set up my internet (yay!) today. I ran to Home Depot trying to find some things I could not find at Wally World.

Tuesday it was back to work for me. I had to pick up Sammy in the morning because he used my car that day to take his cat, Elvis, to the vet. After work, I begrudgingly did more unpacking–after sufficient slouching around time, of course.

Friday-Monday I did laundry like whoa. I love having my own washer and dryer, though I’m sure Tricia and Kenny are sick of hearing them run. But after Monday the electric bill officially became in my name, so my laundry-crazy days are over.


Things are slowly coming together (it's been less than a week!).


I cannot express how much I love this new place. It is fantastic. I’m so grateful that Tricia and Kenny wanted to rent it to me. I hope I don’t get too lazy about all this unpacking though.


The kitchen is almost done. Almost.




10 thoughts on “Home, Sweet NEW Home

  1. Cool so who is Nicole and the others? Where did you meet them? They sound nice. I find nice guy friends at sporting events like bowling alleys. That should help you. The place looks great. Wow. The nice new stuff should help too. Good luck. Be sure to let your muscles rest so you can feel better. You are supposed to rest them one day on and one day off after all that hard work. Good job. Take care. Fun days are ahead. I hope Elvis is ok.


    • Nicole is a friend of my brother’s from the film/stage stuff that he does. I’ve met her a couple of times. She’s pretty cool. Sammy is my brother. I met him on a spaceship (j/k).


  2. That is cool. You could buy used ones if you need them right away at like a consignment shop or resale shop if saving up will take too much money. I find new stuff there when I shop too. Good luck. I love new places too. I like your cool lamp too.


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