New Year, New Beginning

By the time this posts, I will be internetless and in my new apartment. So I took some time out of my packing to write up a little New Year post.

I have never been big on the resolutions for a New Year. I just resolve to do things as required through out the year. However, and maybe it is because I’ll be in the new apartment, but I feel like 2011 is going to be a big year for me; therefore, I actually have some resolutions–or maybe perhaps aspirations.

To be cleaner. Hehe, that one is obvious. I mean I started this blog with the goal to become cleaner.

To be more productive. We all need breaks in our life. Our society spends more time at our jobs than anywhere else. However, I take more than my share of “breaks” when I get home from the work day. I tend to become a lump in front of my computer (playing games, watching Netflix or Hulu, etc.). I feel like I’m wasting my time when I can be creating. Whether it be cooking, knitting, crafting, gardening…SOMETHING more than sitting on my but and zoning out.

To be more money conscious. I’m worried I will fall into the pit of being flippant with my meager wages. I already have a few times…a few times too many.

Find a therapist. I won’t go into the issues behind this because this isn’t “Crazy Lady.” But it something that needs to be done.

Focus on my faith more. I was a lax Catholic growing up, and now I’m lax in my chosen faith. The Yule season has sparked a new kindling in my faith and making me want to reinstate my faith.

That’s it. They are things I always want and hope to achieve really. But maybe putting them here, and now, I’ll remember what I want out of this life. 🙂 I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


8 thoughts on “New Year, New Beginning

  1. You’re the second person i’ve heard this year with “see a therapist” on their resolutions. i came pretty close to going a few years back…but i think i’m somehow doing much better now. in spite of…not being very responsible financially or productive. i do go out a lot though…which i consider to be both therapeutic and a little productive (well inspirational at least) but not usually very financially responsible…


    • I’ve been to many therapists in my lifetime. Just haven’t gone to one since I moved here. I have some pretty specific issues to work through with a specific type of therapist though.


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