And so it begins…

I did not get up as early as I had hoped this morning, do to the fact that I could not get to sleep until almost 5am because of my anxiety. However, I just got back from the first trip over to the new place. I didn’t bring many boxes with me, but I did do some light cleaning. And of course I took pictures. I’m taking a moment to post them here before my mom and her girlfriend get in from Slidell to help me move more.


Here's a pic of the whole place. That door is to my friends/landlords' place

Here's the walkway to my place. Shall we?

Soon this will be officially MY mailbox.

Needs some work, by my biscuit of a yard-space has tons of potential!

I have plans for this space.

Now, let's go in! Here's my living room.

And in the living room, we find my lizard. He's just chilling. (Not actually MINE, and I'm sure once Tom gets in here, there will be no more lizard)

My kitchen.

I have a hallway now!

My closet!

My bedroom!

Which is where I found this unfortunate lizard. (This is after I moved the dead guy outside)

Here's my bathroom! With it's cool shower.

And in the bathroom is a feature I'm most excited own washer and dryer!


You may have noticed, but there are no doors in my new place–aside from the front door and closet. I’m cool with that, but it should make for having company over a bit more interesting.

Ok, time to get back to work.

I may pop on here again with more pics as the move progresses, but if I don’t, I will be back once I’m settled in my new place!


6 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. It looks great. I like that feature too. In my first three apartments I did not have one. It was a pain. I had to go out into the snow and go do laundry. I bet you will have so much fun there and decorating too. Wow. Congratulations. I would love to see more photos. You are too excited to sleep.


    • In college, a friend bought a house and rented out the rooms to me and some other friends (she lived there too, of course) and we had laundry. When I moved here, the building I live in has coin laundry, but it’s in the dungeon and nothing ever really gets clean down there. I have to go once a week (if I’m lucky) to my brother’s place to laundry now. So I’m terribly excited about this!


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