Progress Report

Saturdays I review what I’ve accomplished or not accomplished through out the week. Did I meet the goals I set in my Focus post on Monday? Did I regress? Let’s see what grade I got this week.

First, you may notice in my nice little description up there that I said something about a “grade.” This is a new element of my weekly Progress Report. After I review what I did and did not do, based on the goals I set on Monday, I will grade myself. If you disagree with my grade, please feel free to leave  a comment telling me what grade you think I should have for this week and why. Thanks!

Now, down to business. As you may recall, my goal this week was to pack up as much as possible, excluding the necessities. When I started, my apartment looked just as bad as it did in my 11/29 Focus post (if not worse).

Here’s how it looks now:

Boxes, boxes everywhere!

Tower of boxes!

My walls look naked.

I really worked  hard this week; and though my place may still look a mess to you, keep in mind it’s now more of an “in progress of moving” mess. There is still a ton more packing and cleaning to do, but I feel that as far as achieving my goal for the week I did alright. Wednesday night, my work gave everyone free tickets to the Hornets game, so I took my brother. Fun times, but I didn’t get home in time to do much packing. Then Thursday and Friday night I had to split my evenings between packing and working on some graphic design freelance (a rush job at that).

Tom "helped" me with the packing, too.

Today, I don’t foresee getting much packing done, sadly enough. I spent the morning doing holiday shopping and this afternoon I’m going to get some holiday goodies with my friend Lindsay. Then this evening it’s drinks with Lindsay and Tricia. Hopefully tomorrow I will get more packing done as well as my Christmas grocery shopping done.

GRADE: C-I could have done more!


3 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. You did pretty good considering what other plans you had. I bet the game was fun. That was nice of your work. What do you do at work if you want to share? I am a legal aide. Your cat is adorable. Mine died a week ago. I hope you get to move soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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