Good News!

Do recall my post Boxey Lady? In it I talked about how my friend Tricia is buying a house, and at that point the finalization of that had been postponed…again. The house she and her boyfriend are buying has an apartment and they want to rent it out to me. Well, last Thursday they finally got approved! They should close Dec. 22 and we are all going to be moved in there for Jan. 1st!

This means I’ll be spending my Christmas packing and moving, which is fine with me because that means that I will finally get to move into the new apartment that I am super excited about. This also means I need to get up off my ass.

I’m super excited! Yay!







5 thoughts on “Good News!

    • Actually, my rent will go up a little. :\ But it’s a way better place, in a nice n’hood and with landlords who I can work with on things and many more perks. As far as the lease thing at my current place, well that ended at the start of November. I’ve just been going month to month since then. The people who own this place are slumlords anyway.


    • Pretty much. And their maintenance people would come in my apartment without my knowledge…then when I actually need them to come they claim they don’t have a key. Lots of issues really.


  1. Then you will be better off. I hope they did not steal from you. I had people steal from me in my old apartment. Another issue is some apartments all have the same key. That sucked. I got ripped off all the time. Good luck.


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