Progress Report

Well, I did the dishes. That’s about it.

Wednesday, as the day progressed, I started to cough. And cough and cough and cough. So I decided to not go to the gym. Instead, I went home and proceeded to cough my head off.

Thursday, I started to feel worse. Over-the counter medicine wasn’t helping.

Friday, I had to leave work early because I felt like death on toast. I had become a full blown snot monster.

So, today, I slept in till the Nyquil wore off and I had to get up from the coughing. And now I’m sitting around like this:

Sick sick sick.

So, I didn’t make much progress this week, but I think I’m entitled to a make-up exam…or something.

Also, just so you don’t think I look like this all the time, here’s what I can look like when I’m not sick:

not sick

I can look normal. See?


One thought on “Progress Report

  1. Get well soon. Maybe you can work on it once you feel better. If you work when you are sick you will just get worse. Good luck.


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