Reading Is Sexy

Hey folks! I thought that since I’m getting back into the groove I’d start a new section as well! Reading Is Sexy is to encourage myself to read more; which if you look back to my introductory post on this blog, you’ll see it is one of my goals (In the beginning…). This isn’t a review type of thing. I’m just going to share what I’m reading; why I’m chose to read it; and if it’s not a new book, I’ll give an update on how far I’ve gotten since the week before.

So, currently, I am reading:

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I admit it, I’m a Neil Gaiman fan-girl. I’ve read all of the Sandman series and the related books (ok, these aren’t novels as much as graphic novels); I’ve read Coraline (yeah yeah, another graphic); and I’ve read Stardust. I bought this one and Good Omens from a second-hand book vendor forever ago and just recently found them. So I started reading this one first. Not too far into it yet, but so far so good.


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  1. You can swap your books at the resale book shops or sell them. I find putting things in those big plastic boxes is cheap and so much easier to clean. Save yourself the steps of having to pick up several things off of the floor.


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