Progress Report (more like “regress” report)

This week…well it kinda sucked. I only went to the gym on Monday night, but I did clean up that pile by my couch when I got home. Put some things in the give-away-box, too. Tuesday, however, I did not go to the gym, did not clean, nor did I put anything in the give-away-box; but I already talked about that (see Boxey Lady). Wednesday, I worked late–didn’t get off work till 7–so I decided to just go on home, instead of going to the gym. Again, I didn’t do anything. Thursday, worked late…again; then I went to my brother’s for dinner and did my laundry. So that’s kinda like cleaning. Have I put away my clothes yet?


What? Leaving your clothes in the basket and on the couch doesn't count as putting them away?


Not exactly.

Speaking of clothes, I actually kinda took two steps backwards this week. Instead of putting my clothes/shoes away when I got home and changed after work, I…well, see for yourself:


They're sorta "in" the closet... (sorry for the crap quality)

Ok, the pile is actually dirty clothes that didn't get to the wash this week. As you've already seen, my laundry basket is currently occupied (sorry for the crap quality).


Basically, I didn’t “progress” this week. I regressed. *sigh*

But the week wasn’t all bad. A friend of mine decided that all those craft supplies I’ve talked about on here should get put to good use, so she sent me this:


How awesome is this?! I was so excited and surprised to find this package at my door! (again, sorry for the crap photo quality)


Today, I was an extra on the short film I’ve been working on as their photographer/graphic designer. It was super fun. I’m not supposed to share any photos from it, but I figured this one was safe.


This is actually from last weekend (11/6/10). I was roped into doing more than just taking pictures that night, so I passed off my "fancy" camera to another person for a bit.


Today was a day shoot, and a heck of a lot warmer than that night. That’s me with the clapboard, by the way. I look fat, but I’m going to blame that on the crap in my hoody front pocket. And layers. Yes, the layers I was wearing, that’s what it was. >.>

Anyway, I’m going to think really hard about what I want to do next week, which is going to have some social activities taking up a few evenings. I don’t want to further regress.