Food Waste Friday

Every Friday, I post food items I’ve lazily let expire and therefore need to throw out. This is an effort to shame myself into stop wasting food and money.

Today’s food waste also comes with a confession:


I cheat at cooking. And even then, I apparently fail.


I’m a fan of these types of box meal things. Everything you need to make them comes in the box! I try to not think about the canned chicken part, though.

Anyway, when you lead a lazy lifestyle you often 1) lose important items, such as casserole dishes; and 2) don’t want to clean the dust out of said casserole dish once it is found. That’s how these came to pass from this life and into the world of Food Waste Friday.

The Chicken w/ Cheesy Rice & Broccoli expired in August. My bad. The Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo…well it expired last year. *cough* In fact, I don’t think these Betty Crocker Complete Meals are even made anymore. I sure as heck can’t find them. Hence the Betty Crocker “Helper” meal. And this one is the only one there is in any store I’ve gone to. The others are all hamburger or tuna helpers. Which means I have to go buy and cook the meat.

I’ve never tried the one the left. I have no idea how it tastes. The one on the right, however, is or was delicious. I am sad that I can’t find it anymore. There were other dishes too that were tasty, but it’s been a while–almost a year and a half, at least (as the evidence shows)–since I’ve had any of them, so I can’t remember what they were exactly.

So I cheat at cooking. That’s the confession. I can cook and follow recipes, but this isn’t a blog entitled “Cooking and Super Productive Lady” now is it? No, it’s “Lazy Lady” and that includes in the kitchen. And not just when it comes to dishes and taking out the trash.


2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. So, don’t feel bad about your ancient Betty Crocker stuff. I hauled out a GARBAGE BAG AND A HALF of old food yesterday.

    Now I’m determined not to go to the grocery store AT ALL until my fridge is empty again.


    • Snap, Annie! When I cleaned out my fridge/freezer it took two whole garbage bags. So don’t feel bad about your bag and a half. You should have taken a pic of your food waste! Share it with the world!


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