Makin’ Groceries

Man, I had the hardest time putting together a freakin’ grocery list this week. I wanted to do the whole set-a-menu-for-the-week thing, but I didn’t have any recipes in mind to try. I checked out the grocery store’s online flyer to see what’s on sale this week but that rarely is helpful for me.

It’s “cold” here right now (cold as in I have to wear a jacket outside–it’s the south) but it’s supposed to be back in the 80s by the end of the week. I am in the mood for soup making, but I know I won’t eat it if it gets warmer.

Also, I have the worst habit with leftovers. I get really tired of the repetition, so they’ll end up wasting away in the fridge. Also, I have no clue about freezing stuff. That may sound dumb, but I don’t know how long things are good in the freezer or what kind of containers certain things need, etc.

However, this week I HAVE TO get back to going to the gym after work. This whole cleaning thing has sorta put that on pause. Well cleaning and Halloween. I haven’t been in two weeks and I’m starting to feel gross about that fact. I’ll talk more about this tomorrow, but I brought it up for this post because when I get home from the gym, I am freakin’ starving. So I tend to eat whatever I can right away. Not exactly healthy unless I have healthy food already to go.

So, I decided to try to do salad type meals this week. At least more veggies. Here’s what I got:

Makin' Groceries - 11/07/10

  • Pecan Shortbread Cookies
  • Leafy lettuce
  • Zesty Italian Dressing
  • Two green bell peppers
  • Two cans of green beans
  • Can of creamed corn
  • Creamy peanut butter
  • Apple jelly
  • A rotisserie chicken
  • (not pictured) Giant thing of diet green tea

I learned from my brother and his ex how good our local grocery chain’s rotisserie chicken is; so, I bought one and after this pic I pulled all the meat off the sucker to eat through out the week. The cookies are a treat. An impulse buy if you will. The lettuce I got so I could just throw some chicken on there, a dash of dressing and have tasty salad wraps. I like to eat raw bell pepper sticks, so that’s why I got them. The canned veggies I got so I could just heat them and eat them with the chicken when I get around to the legs and wings. PB & J is pretty self explanatory, however on my drive home from the store I realized I did not buy bread. I’ll have to pick some up tomorrow.

So now you know what I’ll be eating this week. I’m not gonna front though, this is probably the best I’ll have been eating in awhile.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of the follow up post yesterday. I got up late and didn’t clean. I just ran my errands. Then I got on set at 4:30 and stayed till after midnight.


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