Progress Report

Well, I set out this week to work on my kitchen, the back wall, the bathroom and the pile by the couch. I worked on about half of that. However, this was a very social week for me. Tuesday night there was a work function to attend. Thursday night there was another work function. Friday night was a music show that my friends and I had been planning to go to for a month.

Today, however, I do plan on working on the bathroom at least. I have to go take photos at a film shoot this evening and I have some out of the apartment errands I need to run tomorrow as well. The big factor will be when I wake up.

Wake up? Yeah, it’s 3am right as I’m writing this. I just got home from said show I went to last night. I’m going to schedule this to post later today, though, because that’s how I do.

So, since it is so late (early?) I’m going to end this one here. No pic either. But I hope to get back on and write more later today. I just wanted to make sure something got posted today.