Baby Steps

I posted a mini update yesterday and at the end of it I said I’d post about what I did on Thursday evening. Well, Thursday evening I went to a work function. It was a last minute decision. I had every intention of working late, going home and begrudgingly doing some cleaning.

Instead, I went out and hung with coworkers and other people. Then I came home and cooked some black beans and rice with turkey sausage and some cornbread muffins. BUT I did have a minor success last night. Before I went to bed, I actually remembered to put away my left overs! AND I even cleaned up ALL the dishes I used! Even the ones I used to cook in! That’s a HUGE deal for me. I tend to put away leftovers and just leave the pots and pans for another day (or week…or month). The dish washer was running as I went to sleep.

So, no bathroom cleaning, no packing, no trash taken out (though I did get more garbage bags) BUT I did the dishes. Baby steps.

Now, let’s see…what random image can I post on here to make this not all text…hmm…OH I KNOW. Did you know that I used to do a daily (well, somewhat daily) journal comic blog. It was called Crazy Cat Lady…in the making. This was the first comic I ever did:

My first journal comic.

There you go. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. I found your blog while reading Frugal Girls today. Check out “” for tips on getting out of CHAOS… I think you’ll find that when you get the house tidy, your finances will get there too! PS Love the cartoon!


  2. I also found you on the Frugal Girl and clicked over here because I think of myself as being lazy. I know how hard bad habits are to break! Definitely check out the Fly Lady. Fun way to get your home in shape and develop some new good habits. Good luck to you!


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