Mini Update

Tuesday night I went to a work party. All day I had been kinda “blah” about going, but once there I had a great time. The venue was beautiful, the people in attendance were fun, and who doesn’t like free food and booze? Needless to say, I did not get anything done once I got home. In fact, when I got home, I changed into my pjs, sat on the couch and then passed out. I woke up three hours later in a completely lit apartment cramped on my tiny couch.

So, Wednesday after work I set to make some progress. I brought home some of the boxes I’ve been hoarding at work for the eventual move, so I could pack up stuff that I won’t need in the immediate future (from the areas I’m working on this week). However, I also brought home three giant boxes of stuff that a cousin of mine sent me (they were delivered to work–hence the “brought home” part). Being the big kid that I am, I of course had to open the boxes the moment I got them–in the lobby of where I work, no less. One contained pots, a colander, and a HUGE coffee maker. The next one was full of new towels, silverware, some wooden bowls and other assorted things. The third, and largest/heaviest, of the three is full of packing peanuts and every object in it is so wrapped in blue bubble wrap that I have no clue what is in it. I’m not going to bother finding out either. Just wait until after I move to find out (though I’m pretty sure it’s glass stuff). But you won’t see these in any of these pics because I got–you guessed it–lazy, and decided to leave them in my car over night instead of lugging them up the three flights to my apartment.

When was this last dusted?! Oh, yeah...never.

Anyway–got off track there–Wednesday night I started off with cleaning out Tom’s litter box, then just staying in the kitchen to work in there. I took out the trash (ALL OF IT! Well, for now) and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Then I went through the crap against the back wall and started packing it up. I also bagged up some trash from back there. I took a break for a bit to work on some freelance design work; but when my eyes began to burn from staring at the computer, I went back to cleaning. Well, a little anyway. I finally cleaned out my fridge of the stuff I should have tossed last Friday (see my Food Waste Friday post). Or at least most of it. I ran out of garbage bags tonight. But hey, guess what?! I took out the back wall and fridge trash bags! I have no trash bags lurking in my apartment at the moment!

So here are a few snapshots of some “before & afters”.

This was the kitchen pic that I posted earlier this week...

...this is how it looks as of 11/4/10

This is the pic I posted earlier this week...

...this is the back wall area as of 11/4/10

Not much better, right? Yeah, well, hopefully it’s like the saying goes: “It’s gotta get messier before it gets cleaner.” No one said that? Oh well…they could start saying it.

Tomorrow I’ll update you on hopefully cleaning the bathroom tonight as well as packing up some more. Man, I cannot wait until I move, then I’ll get to do a before and after and a much after of the new place!