Ok, I’ve chosen my problem areas to work on this week. I don’t actually expect to get them all completely done, but I’m going to work on all of them. That’s better than nothing, I suppose.

First up…

The Bathroom as of 11/1/10

The Bathroom. I’m going to scrub the tub, the sink and the toilet. I’m going go through the stuff on the back of the toilet and probably throw out/recycle most of it. I’m going to dust (I have a lot of weird edges through out my apartment that just gather dust). Also, I’m going to pick up the clutter on my sink and put it away. Also, I’m going to include packing up my blankets and such in this because my closets are in my bathroom.


The Kitchen as of 11/1/10

The Kitchen. I need to take out the damn trash. Also, I think Tom Collins (my cat) may murder me in my sleep and then poop on my corpse if I don’t clean out his litter box…like, tonight. I need to put away the clean dishes and reload the dishwasher. I need to clean the counter, the stove top, the sink and the microwave. I need to sweep in there like whoa, as well. Oh yeah, and ACTUALLY throw out all that food waste I showed you on Friday.

Then I’m going to put away the MILLION plastic bags I have. Most will probably, sadly, get thrown out. I have reusable grocery bags, but sometimes I get caught without them and end up bringing home a plastic bag here and there. Also, most of them are from before I had my reusable bags (which I’ve had for almost two years now, so yeaaaaah). I use them to make bows during the holidays and for cat poop. I’ve also found that the umbrella bags that you can get at the grocery store when you walk in (or I’m sure most other stores have them) make great plastic bag holders.


The Pile as of 11/1/10

The pile by my couch. The pile consists of a laundry basket filled with craft supplies and random crap. I need to go through and purge. Then I need to just pack up the rest of it because I know I will be doing no crafts between now and my (hopefully soon) move.

And finally…

The Back Wall as of 11/1/10

The back wall. Yup. Lots-o-crap. I really just need to sit down and trash or pack all of this. Behind that “coffee table” is a small ravine of trash too. Stuff just falls back there and I can’t really see it till I get behind there, so it’s all very “out of sight, out of mind.”

The last two are the ones I have little faith in getting very far with. In fact, they will probably cause my apartment to become more messy, which is something I’d like to avoid. We shall see.

I don’t know how much I’ll actually get done tonight either, as I’m going to a work event. I know I’ll have fun at the event, but it’s raining and I have so much to clean. I’m just not feeling it–right now, anyway.