The problem with money

…is finding yourself without any. So instead of thinking about the 16¢ I have in my bank account right now, I wanted to think about what I do have.

I have a home. My rent is paid, I have a roof over my head and while it’s not the best place it’s in a pretty good neighborhood.

I have all my bills paid. Well, except my phone which I will just have to do without till I get paid this week. But I have electricity, water and gas.

I have food in my apartment that will totally last me till I get paid. It may not be anything that I’m thrilled to be eating, but I will definitely not go hungry.

My car is paid off. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about money wise anymore. And I’m everyday grateful that my mom has offered and does still pay my insurance on it.

I have a big brother who is gonna come by after a writing meeting tonight to loan me some gas money so I don’t have to worry about that before I get paid.

So really, it’s not that bad. I’m looking at two more days of no phone and no cigarettes. It could be WAY worse. I mean yeah, I’m out of dry cat food, but there are still two cans of wet food for Tom Collins. And I could give him people food if I need to (if he’d eat it).

It’s not that bad. It could be worse. That’s my mantra till Thursday.

(No picture with this post. It was just weighing on my mind. Sorry.)