Looking Forward…mostly

On Mondays I want to set a plan of action for the week as well as a review of the previous. This being the first one, it may be a fruitless attempt, but I’ll try.

Last week consisted of rushing to get things “clean.” This week will be mostly focusing on smaller areas, since overall my apartment is somewhat presentable. I need to figure out the trouble spots and get working on them.

So, in order to do that I will now make a list here, b/c I love making lists.

Trouble Areas:

  • My desk. Yeah, my desk is covered in paper and ashes. Ashes because I’m a smoker, not because I’m burning said paper. And underneath my desk is scary too. I tend to ignore that area and just make sure I’m wearing shoes when I sit at my desk.
  • Side table. It’s right next to my desk so that’s why I went there next. It is also just a catch all for pretty much anything. And it’s pretty gross. Underneath it is also a disaster.
  • Backwall. The backwall is what I call the wall of huge windows. I have shoved everything towards that wall to get it out of the way, so now that area is a disaster zone.
  • Kitchen. This room will never get clean enough for me. Sigh. Right now it has garbage bags that need to be taken out, dishes that need to be put away (they’re clean!) and dishes that need to be put in the washer (they aren’t clean!). Oh and a litter box that needs to be cleaned. And remember that post on Friday…yeah I haven’t actually thrown out that stuff yet. Just took a picture pointing out what needs to be thrown out. My bad.
  • Bathroom. I need to get in there and scrub. The sink, the tub, and the toilet. I’m pretty good at cleaning up a bathroom actually.
  • Bed shelves. The hole that my “bed” is in has built in shelves and they are a mess. And not a hot mess. Just a mess.
  • The piles. There are also miscellaneous piles through out the apartment that need work. Dunno what to do with them, honestly. Pack them?

I’m not going to even attempt to tackle all these problem areas this week. But I can get the bathroom, work on the kitchen and some others. I will think about it today, and then take pictures of the trouble areas I’m going to focus on this week and post them tomorrow. Just so you can see what I’m up against.

I will be stressing this week about money till I get paid on Thursday. I’m broke. Like no money broke. So there will be no groceries post b/c I have no money to buy any. I’ll have to eat what I have in my place already. Could be interesting. I also can only hope that the $5 of gas I put into my car yesterday holds me out till Wednesday at least. I plan on not driving at all today (I’m off work) in order to conserve.

I’m trying to not ask my brother if I can borrow some money that I will pay back on Thursday, but I hope that he will if I have to.

Ok enough of that, here’s a photo of me in my Halloween costume, so this isn’t all text and so it doesn’t end on a depressing note:

The Bearded Lady


One thought on “Looking Forward…mostly

  1. My desk is always my problem area too! I actually use it for a catch-all and it’s so full that my bed is serving as my desk for now. I bought a new filing box yesterday, so I’m hoping that will motivate me to start organizing my piles.

    My father, who has hoarding tendencies, lessens his stress of clearing piles by going through one pile every few days. He does something with everything in the pile (put it away, throw it away, or move it to a better located pile – like from the kitchen to the office, etc). That might work for you. I haven’t tried it but it might work for me as well. 🙂


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