The not as messy mess as of 10/29/10

Good morning! Saturdays are going to be my progress report days. Where I catch you up on how I’ve done this week.

So, my friend is coming in this morning, instead of last night. I had extra cleaning time this morning. After that, I ran to PJ’s this morning to grab a coffee and some breakfast (I have a gift card, normally I do not go out to buy coffee). Then I took the photo posted above to show you my apartment as it looks currently. Ok, so it’s not clean-clean, but I can live with my friend staying with me in the apartment now without feeling obliged to pay for her tetanus shot before she goes home. You have to admit it’s a lot better than this:

The Mess as of 10/26/10


I had every intention of taking out all my trash a little at a time, but that never happened. Instead I ended up hauling the majority out this morning and leaving the rest in my kitchen, too embarrassed to make another trek. Oh well, my friend is used to the trash in the kitchen. :/ I’m just grateful that the fold out can be pulled out, that the floors aren’t completely covered in dust and cat hair, the bathroom is cleaner and the dishes are done. Small victories.

I want to try to post on Sundays my grocery list and what I’m planning on cooking/eating for the next week; but seeing as tomorrow is Halloween and I’ll be at the Voodoo Music Festival all day (and then who knows all night), I’ll just have to start this segment next Sunday.

If I’m not dying on Monday, I’ll try to do the groceries post then (no promises) as well as the post I have planned for that day.

Now, I’m gonna sit here, enjoying my coffee and thinking about how I got up way too early for a Saturday. Oh well, it needed to be done. We have to go work a booth this afternoon at Voodoo and then go spend the rest of the day there enjoying the good weather and great music. Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun!


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