So you can feel better about your mess

Do you watch hoarders to feel better about the mess around you? I know I do. However, most of you out there can just watch these videos I am posting on here over and over to get that same feeling without feeling guilty about people yelling at old folks who keep crap because their families either left them or they never had one.

This was shot standing in the doorway between my kitchen and main room. I live in a studio apartment so I don’t have a lot of rooms (kitchen, bathroom, main room that serves as office, living room and bedroom). I used to have the DVDs over in the corner under the windows, but pulled them out to go through for a garage sale…about a month ago. The kitchen was worse. I took out two garbage bags a day last week till it was down to this.

Here’s another shot of the main room, including my sleeping hole. This is from my bathroom. My “bed” is broken. It’s an old futon that was left by a former roommate back in college. She brought it from TX to MS, then it became the bed of the next roommate, then a couch, then my bed. She was surprised it lasted as long as it did. When I move, my mom is giving me my bed from my room at her house.

This is the bathroom. Lots of clothes and full garbage can and just general clutter. General clutter is actually the theme throughout the apartment.

I was just going to make this a show and tell post, but I thought, “where’s the help in that?” This is a new blog, no one is actually reading this yet (except maybe my mom, if anyone), so I can’t count on readers’ comments to shame me into cleaning this disgusting mess. I need to use this as a base for creating a plan of action.

In the past when my mess has overwhelmed me to a point of complete inactivity, I’ve always resorted to one method. Trash bags. I first fill one with, well, actual trash (one? Who am I kidding? More like five or six garbage bags with trash in them). Then, I will take them to the damn dumpster instead of just letting them sit in my kitchen. Next, I start filling garbage bags with stuff. Everything. Anything that isn’t where it is supposed to be or maybe it just doesn’t even have a home yet. Bag it. Then I will throw these bags someplace out of the way and go through them, one at a time. For the most part, this works. However, if there are any readers out there–I am open to suggestions. What do you do when you get this bad? Though I doubt any of you get this bad.

I could have really horrified you by showing you the inside of my fridge and pointing out what needs to be thrown out (well, that is for the things you can’t guess already). I’ll save that for another post.


3 thoughts on “So you can feel better about your mess

  1. I found you on Food Waste Friday…welcome to blogging! I wish you the best of luck in you quest to get your home (and your life) cleaned up.

    I am a naturally messy person (except in the kitchen, where you could eat off my floor it’s so clean) and have the tendency to let it get really bad before I pick everything up in a marathon session which always leaves me in a bad mood. I started doing a few little things to make it less of a challenge to keep my room clean. I make an effort (and sometimes it’s super hard!) to put my work clothes away (either hang them up or put them in the hamper) as soon as I take them off, put my shoes back on the rack instead of leaving in the middle of the floor, and spend 10 minutes before I go to bed cleaning up. I actually set a timer and see how much I can get picked up and put away in 10 minutes.

    Good luck in your cleaning and reorganizing!


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