Company’s Coming

I’m expecting one of my best friends on Friday night. She’s coming in for Halloween festivities this weekend. She’ll be staying Friday-Sunday (maybe till Monday, I’m not sure). She’ll be sleeping on the fold out couch.


Ok, full disclosure: she used to be a roommate of mine back when I was in college, so she knows the level of mess I can create. Plus, I showed her the video of my mess before it posted on here. Also, I’ve known she was coming in town for, well, forever. She comes every year. Have I been bothered to clean? I think the photo and videos in the previous posts can answer your question. I’m mildly freaking out right now.

I was off work this past Monday–I should have cleaned then. I had a work dinner on Tuesday evening but I could have cleaned after that (I got home around 9pm)–I just didn’t.

I tried to clean up some last night, but I spent most of the night trying to get ahold of my brother and worrying about him. He had asked me on Tuesday to take him to the store Wednesday night. I never heard from him after work, he wasn’t answering my texts and his phone was going straight to voicemail. Finally, via Facebook, I discovered he was at a movie screening. Jerk (j/k). He had gotten his days mixed up.

So, while trying to not to panic about my missing brother, I herded all the dishes into the sink (as opposed to on the side table, on my computer desk, on the floor, or hiding under things); filled a huge bag with things to bring to work to put in our recycle bins (I’m the crazy cat lady when I do that because I bring in a million boxes that my cat’s wet food comes in); picked up FOUR trash bags worth of, well, trash; and I put away my clean clothes.

That leaves tonight and tomorrow during my lunch. And maybe a bit after work tomorrow depending on when we finish up and when she finishes up (we both work for newspapers–different ones of course–so Fridays tend to be hectic for us). I have to pick up still more trash as well as empty out the trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom. Then I have to put away the boxes I’ve brought home for packing. And move the DVDs somewhere out of the way. And that suitcase…and other stuff I’m sure. Then I have to sweep and vacuum. Oh and actually do the dishes that are now crowding my sink. Last but not least, I of course also have to take out the damn trash. All bajillion bags of it.

Oh man. I need the adrenaline to kick in so I can get this cleaned up.

And by cleaned up, I of course mean hidden.

(And because I hate just text blog posts, here’s a pic from a few Halloweens ago)

Pumpkin carving! (from 2008)


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