Week Of Thanks: My Soulmate


If there is one thing in my life that I am most grateful for, it is Mr.LL. He is my love, my heart, my soulmate, my best friend. I never thought/knew this kind of relationship existed.

We have our fights, and during the growing pains of our marriage, we had a couple of big ones. But we worked through them. We grew stronger. Mr. LL is the source of my greatest happiness and where I go to find comfort. With him, I feel I can accomplish anything.

Little Mr. LL

Little Mr. LL

He makes me laugh for hours. He introduces me to new things and puts up with my fears and anxieties. He is supportive and encouraging. He is also a good sport when it has come to being my guinea pig for new recipes or partner for craft projects.


I love you, Mr. LL, and I am grateful to have you in my life and as my partner.

Week of Thanks


I wanted to do something special this week on Lazy Lady. For any of you Lazy-Lifers out there who don’t live in the U.S., this is the week of of Thanksgiving; and even though Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday (for a plethora of reasons), I still feel the urge to share what I am thankful for at this time in my life.

So, all week I will be sharing my bounty of thankfulness (instead of the regularly scheduled programming). I hope you will join me, no matter how or if you celebrate Thanksgiving.

If you’d like to share what you are thankful/grateful for along with me, feel free to join! Here is a graphic for your blog:


Giveaway reminder!

This is just a reminder that if you donate to the Kickstarter for the children’s book I illustrated, be sure to comment on the GIVEAWAY post to be entered to for a chance to win one of ten original prints from the book! The giveaway will go on as long as the Kickstarter is up (till Dec. 6th).

Also, if you saw yesterday’s post, we are fully funded! Thank you to everyone who has donated! There is still a need for donations, however, as some unexpected costs have arisen. So, please, keep sharing and donating!

What Else am I reading? [November 2014]

Not really reading anything besides the BB&B pick for this month. I do still need to finish The Legend of Drizzt audio book I started last month, but I just downloaded two more audio books on Audible, and they are calling my name. Drizzt may get put on the back burner.

Honestly, I haven’t even been listening to my books, though.

Link Love: 11.18.14

Are you excited for the next to last installment of The Hunger Games movies? I know I am. In honor of its release this Friday (Nov. 21), I have put together a special Hunger Games Link Love.

39 Facts About “The Hunger Games” You Probably Never Knew | BuzzFeed

Are you so excited you want to dress like Katniss? Check out this article all about achieving the Katniss Look of Your Dreams [via Autostraddle]

To me, Kacy Cantazaro is like a real life Katniss-Badass.

This is a story from June of this year, but I’ve been saving it for this particular Link Love. Read about how protesters in Thailand used the three-finger salute from The Hunger Games as a symbol of resistance.

It’s harder to win an uphill battle when you’re fat

Let's get physical/Physical/I wanna get physicaaaaaaaaaal

For my entire life, I have struggled with my body and my weight. I have always been a “big girl” and even at my smallest, I was still, technically, “obese” (according the horrible and not very helpful, BMI scale). But I was happy in the 160s, the “skinniest” I’ve ever been since my early teens.

The image on the left is me at my heaviest in college; on the right is me from a few years ago. I'm slowing creeping back up to that college weight.

The image on the left is me at my heaviest in college; on the right is me from a few years ago. I’m slowing creeping back up to that college weight.

My goal, for as long as I’ve made weight goals, has been to get to 145. As my approach to 30 is speeding up, I worry I’ll never make this number in my lifetime. It just gets harder and harder to lose weight.

Lately, I have just had enough. My steady weight gain has really hindered my life. Just walking a few miles has become a hard task, with me having to stop every 100 feet or so because of excruciating shin-splits. It’s embarrassing and I feel a heavy shame because of it. I wasn’t always like this, and I’ve never had this much trouble just WALKING in my entire life!

Mr. LL has his own body issues, and while I see him as healthy and strong, he too wants to be healthier. So, together we’ve started to make changes in our lifestyles.

This is a photo from maybe a month ago (Mr. LL’s mom, Mr. LL and I). I just look at it and go, “ugh, the weight”

For one, no more sodas. Well, at least not like we had been doing it. One or two diet sodas a week is a vast improvement to the 5 full calorie, sugar loaded sodas a day we were drinking. Instead, water. Water. Water. Water. We have some sports drinks in the apartment, but mainly for Mr. LL to take to work. We still drink coffee, too.

We’ve drastically upped the produce intake in our diets. I don’t think I had one meal this past week that didn’t have a fruit or veggie in it (and as a main feature of the meal, at that). Mr. LL is trying to do a low-carb, more-protein approach to his eating; I, on the other hand, am just going for balance and low caloric intake (or really, balanced caloric intake with my exercise).

Speaking of exercise, we’ve taken to walking along the levee after work. It’s dark, sure, and there were a few nights where it was really cold/windy up there. But we just push on. Mr. LL will run part of the time while I walk. He’s sweet and encouraging, however, it took him a minute to realize that I don’t want to run before I can walk, ;) . Each night I try to make it one mile further than I did the night before (which actually adds two miles, since we do out and back). I even pushed through the shin-split pain one night and it went away by the time I reached my extra mile.

It truly is a struggle, and I worry for my success at this latest attempt. I just know my cycle. I get fed up, get excited to “get fit” and then after a couple weeks, my old, unhealthy lifestyle slowly creeps back into being the day-to-day routine again. I hope to break the cycle this time.