Halloween Movie Night: Rocky Horror Picture Show

To me, no Halloween is complete without The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even in Mississippi, where I grew up and went to college, there were still midnight showings of Rocky Horror on Halloween. Here in NOLA, there are monthly midnight showings of it, but the Halloween one is always special (and always sold out by the time I make it to the box office >.<).

I love this movie so much that when I was in charge of my social club (kind of like a sorority) in college’s theme for the annual SongFest (once about singing, but has since evolved into theatrical dance routines) competition between the social clubs, I had us do a Rocky Horror themed show. We shoulda won, but how do you compete with a group of girls doing a patriotic salute to the troops?

To me, Halloween is always a time for rice, water guns, hot dogs, toilet paper and of course, time to do the Time Warp again!

Each week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite movies to get me in the Halloween spirit. Feel free to comment and share your own Halloween cinematic faves, or if you too watch the movies I share to get you going for All Hallows’ Eve!

Books, Booze & Bajingos: My Life As A White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

Last night was the monthly meet-up (via Ventrillo) of my book club, Books, Booze & Bajingos. Here is the run down.

This month’s book was My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland.

Laura and Jessie didn’t make it, and I was the only drinker last night. Everyone, including myself, was surprised that I would pick a zombie book. I hate zombies. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before, but I do. They scare me. A lot.

However, this seems to have been a huge hit with the book club. All those who were there really loved it.

One of my favorite quotes from last night: “I’m so glad she got a boyfriend with a steady source of brains, because every time she would get low on brains it would stress me out so bad.” -Annie

The character growth and development of Angel (the main character) was phenomenal. We loved how real she is, flawed and relatable. We all found her self deprecation very relatable. Also, this is a unique, intriguing and very clever way to present the zombie monster genre. Also, the mystery through out the novel was very on point. No figuring it out before Angel, and I really liked that; sometimes I find it a little annoying when the dramatic irony is just laid on too thick, ya know?

For October, it is Maile’s turn to pick.

Her pick is:


Trick-Or-Treat: …um, candy?


For this last Trick or Treat? post, I’m am sharing the miscellaneous assortment of candies we got to try out.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin

These were so gross. Well, I say that but I took a bite of a white zombie, spit it out and never touched the stuff. I would catch Mr. LL eating one or two here and there…come to find out each color is a different flavor and I tried the grossest one. I never got to try any of the others though. Mr. LL assures me that while they were more palatable, the were all still pretty gross.

Treat-lyn Treat-darrin

Lol, I know. You’d think this one would be a “Trick” but they are actually ok. There is one booger in each pack that tastes slightly like soap, but it’s not as strong a soap-taste as some of the gummies we’ve eaten this season. Our only complaint is that you only get three in a pack, but they are designed for trick-or-treaters.

Treat-lyn Treat-darrin

These are so delicious!!! We both strongly dislike traditional candy corn. We also both really like Starbursts. So we picked these up, skeptically, to see what was going on with this candy. It’s exactly what it seems, to be honest; Starburst’s flavors with candy corn texture. They are so good. I highly recommend you snag a bag this Halloween, before it is too late.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin

Who wants a tasteless GIANT gummy thing covered in a diabetes-inducing slime? Not this lazy lady, not ever again. Mr. LL and I each ate one and then threw them away. Ugh. So gross. Also, the gummy creatures inside these small jars are HUGE! Do not let the small packaging fool you!

Now that this season is coming to an end, I do not want any more candy. Ugh. I think I need to go on a sugar cleanse.

Who am I kidding. I have a mini Snickers at my desk right now. Be safe with your Trick-or-Treating this year, no matter your age. :)


Costume Ideas: Hoodie Costumes

This is a last minute DIY Halloween costume idea. If you are like me (and Mr. LL) you have a hoodie or two in your closet. Grab your craft supplies and get to creating yourself a last minute, comfy and laid back costume.

Getting ET Home Costume for Under $20! | Coolest Homemade Costumes

Nintendo Mario Bros. inspired Piranha Plant fleece hoodie shirt (adult sizes) | MagicPrincessWhitney (etsy)

Octopus Hoodie Costume! | Craftster


Ginger and George


Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf | Martha Stewart

This one inspired my costume aspirations for a couple of year’s ago (that, sadly, never came to fruition).