The Worst

So, you may have noticed the lack of posts last Thursday and yesterday. That would be because starting Tuesday evening, I had the WORST stomach flu you can imagine. And it lasted till 1a.m. Sunday morning, when I threw up my dinner from Saturday (which, btw, was the ONLY thing I ate all day). And then, when I got up Sunday (for reals), I felt normal again, but Mr. LL now has the bug.

Seriously, I’ve had 24-hour stomach viruses before, but not one that lasted 5 freakin’ days! I used up all my sick time at work and had to dip into personal time. Sheesh! Man was it miserable. I feel so bad for my poor husband. He doesn’t seem to be able to handle quite as well as I did. If he was awake yesterday, I was not allowed to leave his side. :(

So, forgive my absence, I have some catch-up to do, both here at with my work. I hope none of you who live around here get it. We’ve had a couple of casualties fall to it at my job. And thank goodness for my mom, who was kind enough to bring me the blandest order from Subway one day last week when I thought I could eat. I just Mr. LL will make it through it all while I’m at work.

Makin’ Groceries on a budget, part 2

One of the biggest aids in working with a grocery budget is meal planning. Or at least that’s what EVERY FREAKIN’ BOOK, BLOG, AND ARTICLE say, heh. So, I try my best to make and stick to a meal plan.

I’ve tried a couple of different ways to do meal planning. Ones where I plan out each and every single meal we eat, ones where I just try to figure out dinner and some basics to have on hand for lunches and breakfast.

Meal Planning | Lazy Lady

This was the first Meal Planner I attempted. I still have pages and pages of it in a binder somewhere.

Meal Planning | Lazy Lady

This is in my equivalent of a Word Document. Very basic and very boring.

Meal Planning | Lazy Lady

This is my current set-up. I find myself just using the monthly calendar though, so obviously this one isn’t working too well either.

In my opinion, going with trying to figure out dinner is the way to go. I got tired of writing “Coffee and granola bar” or “Sandwiches and crackers” every single day for the two “easy” meals. And when  you find yourself being bored with what you are doing then you aren’t going to want to do it anymore.

My true goal is to do the monthly meal planning. I am so envious of the people out there who can go to the grocery store once a month and stock up, only having to ever go back for little things like milk and veggies. We don’t have the food storage, or freezer space, for this yet; but, I figure I could take bits and pieces of all the meal planning advice I’ve read from a multitude of sources and adapt it to my needs.

So, planning meals for a month means that when I’m looking at the sales for that week’s grocery run and I see that canned veggies are on sale for like 2 for 50¢ and I’m going to be making something that calls for a can of corn one week, a can of diced tomatoes another week and so on, then I can stock up then even though I might not need them for the meals for this week.

That’s also why I am trying to give myself a monthly food budget. Ideally, I’d love to get our food spending down to $30 a week or $120 a month. So I’d just have the $120 with me all month long for food groceries.

The hard part is me figuring out the non-food budget, but I’m working on it.

Here are some links to meal planning advice that I’ve found helpful:


Crack your bones

I have returned to the world of journal comics!

DISCLAIMER: I have dealt with depression since my teens. As I got older, and the chemicals in my body started to balance out, my depression became less severe to almost nonexistent for large periods of time (years). I am lucky to have a wonderful, happy life with Mr. LL and I don’t want any of you to worry that I’m still going through the depression. Thanks.

International Tabletop Day (and a poll)

This post was originally intended to be my Once A Month Gamer post over on Part-Time Monster, but Diana is doing an A-Z series this week. So, in order to get the word out before International Tabletop Day this Saturday, I am posting this here!

Lazy Lady | OAMG

I missed the month of March for my OAMG post due to indecision. I just cannot seem to decided which game to review next! So down below, please please PLEASE vote and help me pick! Thanks!

Until the results are in, I thought I’d talk about International Tabletop Day! It is April 5, 2014 (this Saturday!), and it is a miraculous day. Then again, I’m biased. Still, who wouldn’t love a day of games? Right?

ITD started last year and was a “huge success … 3,123 gamine events in 64 countries worldwide, including every state and province in North America and every continent on the planet” as told on the website. You should go check out the website and see if there are any game day events by you!

So be sure to go to your favorite local game store, coffee shop, comic books store or host a game at your own home on April 5th, and share it on all the social medias with the hashtag #tabletopday. I’m not sure what Mr. LL and I will be doing for ITD. He’s been working weekends, so we might have a game night just the two of us.

So, now on to the poll. What game would you like to see reviewed? Here are the top contenders:


Looming full speed ahead

Just a quick Pretending to Craft this week. Just showing you how far I’ve come on my loom.

Here’s where I was last time we visited it:

And here’s where I am currently:

I know it may not seem like a lot, but this is a project I work on while I’m just watching TV or what have you. I am impressed with myself and that’s all that matters. :)

What projects are you working on?