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Here is a round up of the top posts from July.

Too Soon?


I’m glad to see such a good response to my Sneak Peeks!

Felicia Day is an inspiration to us all (or The Birth of a Book Club)

Felicia Day is an inspiration to us all (or The Birth of a Book Club)

Follow me to the promised land

Follow me to the promised land

You are what you eat (image from Somewhat Simple)

Follow Friday: The Lonely D12


I didn’t get a chance to do any new game reviews for Part Time Monster in July. There will definitely be one in August! Want a hint? How about “Waterdeep.” ;)



Follow Friday: The Lonely D12

My new weekly post, Follow Friday, in which I share a blog that I personally subscribe to and I want to recommend to you!

This week, I am recommending The Lonely D12! This blog is fairly new to my subscriptions. I discovered it via a comment on one of my tabletop game reviews over at Part-Time Monster. One of the writers for this collaborative blog commented on my King of Tokyo post and I checked out the blog. I’ve been hooked ever since and it is now one of my all-time favorite blogs.

There are four writers for The Lonely D12. Jamie, John, Luke and Ric. Check out their indvidual “About” pages by clicking on the links. Here is the blurb from the overall blog’s “About” page:

The Lonely D12 was conceived under the notion that table top RPG gamers needed a place to find resources and content for their games. That GMs may need advice, a laugh or reassurance that it is not only their game that is going up in flames.

We are striving to be a resource for nerdy people who want to share what they love about RPGs. A place where beginning players and GMs can find support from experienced players and everyone can cultivate new ideas of how to take over the world… or become a great supportive community.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite posts, and I hope you find them as great as I do.

The Most Interesting NPC In The World (and my ALL TIME favorite blog post ever)

Dungeons and Dragons: The Birthday party

Growing Beyond The Murder Hobos (this one is actually a three-parter; I’m only linking to part one here, but you should totally check out all of them!)

Book Takes: Under The Empyrean Sky

[image, used in the blog, is by Mike Krahulik] House Rules – The Murphy

Come back next week and I’ll have another blog for you to discover!

Link Love: 7.24.14

As a child growing up, I always found my Barbie’s wardrobe limiting. Don’t have to worry about that now with 3D printing. Check out Barbie’s 3D Printed Armor (hey Mom, I could have my lady knight finally!)

To say I’ve lost my faith in the Supreme Court of the U.S. is an understatement. Now that Hobby Lobby is apparently a church (that has permanently lost my business), the Huffington Post posted this of 14 Companies That Will Likely Deny Birth Control, as well.

Do you know who Sarah Rector was? You should find out.

Here’s an article about the True Price of Fashion that won’t leave you feeling like you should throw away your Old Navy jeans, or your Target dresses.

I was very impressed when I read about Taryn Brumfitt, a (now former) body builder who decided to keep her “mother” body after she gave birth.

Check out these artist renderings of a Barbie doll, but with realistic proportions. I hope this is the kind of toy my future-if-ever daughter will get to play with as she grows up.

You are what you eat

Mr. LL and I are trying to eat better.  I’m not going to say it’s been difficult, but I will say Mr. LL has his way of doing things when it comes to diet and excercise.

The only things that have worked for Mr. LL in the past have been diets like Atkins, where you cut out carbs and sugars completely and then slowly reintroduce them to your diet.

For me it has been learning about portion control and what you should be eating to have a truely balanced diet. Then you make “life changes” (which obviously haven’t stuck).

I’ve never been one for fad diets. I don’t feel they are sustainable. But, we both could definitely use more veggies and less bread in our lives. We could also really benefit from cutting out sodas from our daily intake.

I’m glad we decided to do this during the summer, when fresh produce is cheap. I really want to make it out to one of the many farmers’ markets we have around here, one weekend, to get some figs. A coworker brought some in and I am hooked. I need my fig fix.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share with you some Pins from my Pinterest boards for healthy recipes. We are still figuring out what to do and haven’t tried any yet. We’ve pretty much just been eating salads and salad wraps (in low carb wraps that have a ton of fiber in them).

Gluten Free Dairy Free Santa Fe Chicken Packets from Once A Month Meals

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps from

Parmesan Chicken with Tomato-Basil Salad (Video)

The Best Broccoli of Your Life from Amateur Gourmet

from Somewhat Simple

Do you have any healthy recipes? Or healthy recipe resources? What diets have worked for you?


Vaginal Fantasy Book Club

I spoke last week about how Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy Book Club is the inspiration for the one I started with my friends. I wanted to talk more about Day’s book club this week.

Here’s a quick synopsis from the Vaginal Fantasy wiki page:

Started in January of 2012, The Vaginal Fantasy Book Club focuses on romantic fiction, usually with science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or supernatural elements. The club centers around the monthly Google+ Hangout book discussion, the Goodreads group forums, and generous amounts of alcohol. In August of 2012, the Hangout moved from Felicia Day’s YouTube channel to its current home on Geek & Sundry.

Felicia Day coined the term “vaginal fantasy” when she first got a Kindle and could purchase “smutty” books without embarrassment. The name of the group was meant to be a tounge-in-cheek nod to the romance genre. By including the word “vaginal” in the name it was meant to demonstrate that the club would be unapologetically about female-centric novels in genres (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) whose authors and central characters have been, until recently, overwhelmingly male.

Vaginal Fantasy strives to be intersectional and trans* inclusive, and as such wants to acknowledge that not all women have vaginas/not all who have vaginas are women. Everyone is welcome to participate. Please note, however, that due to the nature of the subject matter and sometimes graphic content, this book club is for mature audiences only.

I’ve been a subscriber to the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel for a long time now. Mr. LL and I love to watch Co-Optitude together, I used to watch The Guild (which is how I discovered Geek & Sundry), we of course LOVE Tabletop (I mean, have you seen my posts over at Part Time Monster?). I had seen the Vaginal Fantasy uploads, but they are over an hour long and I didn’t think Mr. LL would be into them (he gets a kick at listening to them as I watch and he plays Diablo 3). So, one day when Mr. LL wasn’t home and I had some time to kill, I watched one. I was hooked.

Up until this month, I’ve never read the current book. Mostly because I’ve been just watching old posts, so I didn’t even know what the current book was at any given time. However, this month, I decided to officially “join” the club. VFBC has two picks a month, a main pick and an alt pick. I only read the main pick.

They alternate between hosts to determine the books for each month. July’s books were picked by Bonnie Burton. The main pick, the one I read, was Greywalker by Kat Richardson.

I technically listened to this book. I got the audio book so I could listen to it at work and in the car, and not have it cut into my reading time for this month’s BB&B pick. I caught myself staying in my car for an extra 5-10 minutes just to keep listening. I couldn’t wait to get my headphones in at work and find out what happened next. I LOVED this book. You can check it out on GoodReads for a full description and reviews, but if you like mystery/detective stories that feature ghosts, witches, vampires (and I suspect a werewolf) then you should definitely pick up this book. VFBC is for romance genre books, and I didn’t find a whole lot of romance in this book. However, it is the first in a series so I suspect sexy times may happen in later books.

Also, I had an a bit of fan-girl moment on Twitter. I was talking about how much I loved the book and thanking Bonnie Burton for picking it and this happened:


How cool is that?! I was so pumped about this interaction; and from what I’ve seen on the videos, all the lovely ladies in the VFBC are really good about interacting with the fans and folks who comment on the forums and ask questions during the Google+ Hangouts. So, in other words, they are awesome people.

I’ll be sharing their monthly picks as well as BB&B’s. I’ll also link to their videos when they post. I hope you enjoy them and will read along with me!

The way you carry it


How do you deal with life? Having just gone through some tough times, well, still going through them, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Thinking back to how I personally handle life, good times and bad.

When life is presents me with “good” things, I am elated. Everything else seems small. I celebrate it, with food & drink mostly. Get a promotion? Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate! Landed a great freelance gig? Ice cream! Meet Mr. Right (or Mr. LL in my case ;) )? Drinks with friends! You get the picture. There are small events that make life seem wonderful too, and I make mental note to cherish those moments. Like last night, Mr. LL and I were walking his mother’s dog, Pierre, and we were having a good time and laughing while we talked to each other. It may seem small, but with all the issues going on in our lives lately, any moment when we can be relaxed and  just happy is a blessing. I made note of it as walked back home and said a silent prayer that it would last forever.

When life throws me the “bad”, I handle things…differently. Sometimes. Minor bad things get the food treatment. Since I associate food with celebrating “good” things, I think I use it as a way to comfort myself when little things go wrong. Car troubles, bad day at work, the general “blues” that happen–yeah, I’m going to be eating something delicious and comforting.

When life throws “the worst” at me, well that is another story. I can shut down. Literally. When I was young, and I suffered from depression and one of my go to things to do when I was feeling the end of the world around me was to hide in my closet. I still do that, I’m embarrassed to say. I just feel like if I can hide from the madness that is going on around or to me, maybe I can breathe for a moment. Most of the time, it doesn’t get to that point, but shutting down is a huge reflex I have towards “the worst”. I go numb. I can’t function on a most basic level. It can last for a few minutes to a few days.

I try to grow stronger with each instance of adversity life gives me. I strive to learn from not only the events I have no control over, but also any mistakes I made in handling them. But it’s hard. I know I make the same mistakes again and again. It gets even harder when you feel like you have to not only bear your load, but the loads of others.

Lately, I’ve just been trying to live each day on its own terms. If it is a good day, it feels like a great day. If it is a “meh” day, I teeter, waiting to see if it will be bad but living like it’s good. When it is a bad day, I try to not shut down and deal with the issues and problems I am dealt.

Age and experience has lead me down the path of calm observation when life throws the bad at me. I have my bouts of withdrawal, but we all need a moment to process what is going on. To react, absorb and comprehend what just happened and if there is anything in our power to fix it. Sometimes there isn’t and you just have to then figure out what you need to accept it.

But you can’t let it weigh you down. We all have to deal with the “bad” in life, though I’m sure it varies in degree. You can’t let the “bad” destroy any chance you have for the “good”. Letting the weight of adversity, anger, fear and self-doubt bare down you will only prevent you from looking up and seeing the “good” on the horizon.